yoga patagonia

Yoga and Meditation

The meaning of the word “yoga” in Sanskrit is unity- the unity with our selfs and unity with our surrounding
Which creates harmony :The way we live, think and act in this world ripples on and affects the whole world.

Living in an ecological way, connected to the earth that nourishes and supports us. Drinking fresh river water, breathing pure clean air, building and being supported by our natural organic surrounding.
Along with this life style we believe and encourage yoga, meditation ,spiritual practice and arts, as they help increase the “prana”(life force energy) and a more harmonic life.
As the first law of yoga is “ahimsa”- non violance, we in chakra ayekan believe that by creating a healthy, non violent and loving environment       we can inspire more and more people to share a higher consciousness and more aware way of living .
We welcome volunteers and any one who would like to be a part of this path. We also welcome teachers who would like to use this place as a platform for workshops and retreats here in the farm
We would love to share and spread this ancient wisdom. And let it ripple on…:)
Om namo shivaia