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We propose a chance to live an unique experience in Chacra Ayekan in Patagonia Argentina. Your work is a great contribution to us and we ´ll share with you our experiences that nourish our friends volunteers of practical information, and whose future application in other projects of your life, appears as one of the major objectives of your passage by our house.

Whether you prefer to spend your time caring for animals, teaching your experiences, raising different species of birds, working in a field of lavender, planting trees for continuous reforestation, harvesting wild fruits, and many other activities within the Chacra that can awaken your interest.

Volunteer services can last from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Come, work and enjoy. Learn together sharing activities in lovely surroundings.

Please contact us for more information

Plan your adventure in farm Ayekan, we wait for you !



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