ayekan talleres de permacultura

About us

We are a family with experience in self-sustaining projects currently operating for vacationers on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico.

16 years ago, this great passion for Patagonia born during a reconnaissance trip, in which we find the ideal site for our projects in Chacra Ayekan. And we begin this beautiful project. Over the years, we manage to do the work to achieve self-sustainability of the farm in spring and summer season.

We organize expeditions that take you to the heart of the Cordillera Argentina, among Coihues, Ñires and larches. Tracing the Turbio River to its source. Amazing for the more experienced fisherman and adventurous . Chacra Ayekan offers you a trip to the Pure Patagonia, visiting people living with the mountains, knowing their customs, learning from nature and respecting it essentially.

It sounds pretentious but we do trips ” back to a river and take you to the soul,” said by our guests, and we are proud. Finally let a little place to enjoy the food, products of our farm with rustic and incomparable taste of Patagonia.

We are dedicated throughout the years to woodworking, one of the most widely used construction material in Patagonia Argentina. In our sawmill we work all year to meet our needs and to provide our customers.

We also began our experiences with volunteers who visit us from around the world to perform permaculture projects, construction materials in the area, same as are used by the Mapuche in the region. We also work in our planting lavender, wild fruits or forest and organic gardens.

In summary, we offer a unique environment on the shores of Epuyén River to enjoy together these beautiful experiences. Visit our page for more information and contact us!