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Not only from snow lives the Patagonia. The whole region offers many opportunities during the summer, whose long days of sunshine and mild climate are ideal for activities that shows resplendent landscapes of light and color.

For example, summer is the ideal season to visit us, where the average temperature reaches 25 ° C (with peaks up to 35 °). The days are incredibly long, as the sun rises at 5.30am and sets at 22 30 hours. Thus, the presence of the sun for long hours raises the thermal sensation and provides splendid days ideal for trips, hikes, tours and walks. There and during the summer the weather is dry, sunny, with cool and a nice breeze.




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Cavalcade of one day / Photographic Safari

An ideal proposal to enjoy a full day, 6 hours riding near the farm . The contact with nature, a meal with all our products 100% organic.

Going to Laguna Los Alerces (1,300 m over seee level), with an approximate duration of 3 hours each way.

All the charm of pure Patagonia, larch, pitras, myrtles, beech and other species.

Salmon fishing in the lagoon and trekking around the area with bird watching and wildlife.

BBQ lunch and tasting of regional products.

In the afternoon return to El Hoyo.